How does XchangeWiser makes your insvestment wiser?

For all financial transactions

XchangeWiser scores stocks, index, markets, currency exchanges, commodities and cryptocurrencies smarter with artificial intelligence.

Advanced Visuals

We visualize past score results with well-known and our newly developed indicators.

Unique Features

XchangeWiser uses existing artificial intelligence algorithms as well as our patent-pending algorithms and special algorithms that we develop in secrecy.

Insights through AI

Do not rely on human only, millions of data is not possible to process without error. XchangeWiser’s explainable AI algorithms generates actionable insights that a human cannot identify.

No need for a data scientist

XchangeWiser uses state of art Automated Machine Learning approach without the need of a data scientist. We take care of all the data science needs, while you focus on your business.

Continuous Updates

The machine learning algorithms evolve so does XchangeWiser. We continuously update our algorithms to the most effective ones. Also, the algorithms are designed for dynamic environments and they can automatically adapt to the changes on markets.

Instant Results

By reducing the 8-week data science processes to as little as 1 hour, XchangeWiser applies state of art algorithms to changing data and standards quickly and adapting itself by detecting context shifts. For example, it automatically finds and runs different models for the bull and bear market transitions, Tehran stock exchange or Tokyo nikkei index.

Don't be affected by your data scientist's failure

XchangeWiser produces standard results with artificial intelligence. Don't be affected by the mistakes of a novice data scientist. Training of an experienced data scientist is a difficult process and requires taking part in many projects from many different fields. The recruitment of an experienced data scientist is also costly and difficult to produce projects that meet this cost. XchangeWiser offers this experience at low costs for you.

Why XchangeWiser?

Is XchangeWiser technical analysis?

XchangeWiser is grounded on a different discipline based on artificial intelligence, using neither statistics nor technical and fundamental analysis. The algorithms used are similar to the algorithms used in customer behavior analysis. In the distinction of efficient market hypothesis vs. behavioral finance theory, XchangeWiser uses algorithms used in behavior analysis.

Why does XchangeWiser offer daily analysis?

Stock exchange is the transfer of money from impatient to patient. XchangeWiser is capable of instant prediction, but it is also possible to setup custom option to nowcasting for customers who wish. Although 65% of the stock exchange is in the hands of foreigners , 80% of the transaction volume belongs to the natives.

Why does XchangeWiser use automatic machine learning?

XchangeWiser leaves the data which should learn be up to your choice. You can upload all data from the weather forecast to the number of tourists. It even allows you to manually create your own data for XchangeWiser, when the content of the data doesn't matter at all, it finds out how much impact it has on the result and automatically learns it for subsequent predictions.


Short-term, opening-only prices


Predictions which close to real time can be calculated with your own artificial intelligence algorithms.

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